Catawba Tech Games

Try out some of the games created by Ridge programmers. Enjoy!

Circle Chomper

Eat all the circles, but don't get caught by the bacteria! WASD to control the chomper.
Created by Jake McNulty

Tank Trouble

Two-player! Obliterate your opponent's tank.
Player 1 Controls: WASD to move, Space to fire.
Player 2 Controls: Arrow keys to move, Enter to fire.
Created by Liam Nicoll


All-time classic! Help feed our school mascot, Colonel Reginald, by guiding him to the apple.
Press number key to choose difficulty. Use arrow keys for movement.
Created by Tyler Goodman

Space Invaders

Blast the incoming onslaught of alien invaders.
Use arrow keys for movement. Space to fire.
Created by Dorian Aranda

Chase Game

Collect as many gems as possible while dodging the bouncing balls.
Use WASD keys for movement. Space to fire.
Created by Dom Rigoni

Adventures of Guyman!

Guide Guyman on this adventure through many challenging obstacles.
Use WASD keys for movement. Space to jump.
Created by Chiloh Church

Connect 4!

The classic table game gone digital. Compete against a friend or try your luck against the AI.
Created by Titus Ramsarran.

Red Light Green Light!

First to the finish line wins, but don't move on red!. Three player mode allows a friend to control the light with the mouse.
Created by Henry Lee & Trey Ellowitch.


Go back to where it all started with paddles and a bouncing ball. Single and Two player available.
Created by Aidan Donohue.

Diamond Thief

Steal the diamonds but don't get hit by the falling rocks! Use left and right arrows to move.
Created by Hari Baraneedharan.

Only Down

Flipped platformer. Only way to win is to get to the bottom! Don't hit the lava!
Created by Aidan Donahue, James Puzino, and Andrew Voight.


Ballin 3v3! Two player game! Controls: WASD and Arrow keys to move. Space to shoot.
Created by Gavin Alcorn, Aarush Akkera, Andre Santana, and Curtis Dayson.